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it in the future," he said.The minis▓try will also continue its work on increa

sing harvests, improving road safety, developing new medicines and r▓esponding to climate change, he said."Climate change is not just about global warming, but▓ has both advantages and disadvantages," Wan said."For

example, climate changes have made the Yellow Plateau less dry. W

e should make use of this to plant more trees the▓re. At the same time, we should also study people's adaptability to the changes.▓"Wan said a key factor in the development of China's ▓science and technology sector is the creation of an en

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  • vironment that encourages innovation."The mo

    st important things are to nurture innovators and attract people who have studie

    d overseas to return to China," he said.

  • "I have a v▓ision in which China has the sort

    of environment th▓at attracts the best scientists in the world to come and do

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